United Way TCI Food Voucher Program

In this world of uncertainty the Covid19 pandemic has caused hardship to our communities, where many persons has lost jobs, especially in our Tourism Industry.  As an immediate response to alleviate some pressure off families we have introduced the Food Voucher Program.  This program is made possible through kind donors both near and far.  To date we have provided 90 persons with assistance and look forward to doing even more with your help.  To donate to this cause contact United Way TCI on 333 4545 or email us on info@unitedwaytci.com or reach out to us via our social media direct message.

Food Drive

The local NGO’s has joined forces under the name NGO’s Together TCI to combat the immediate and distant food scarcity issues that are tied to this pandemic.  
The group embraces the ethos that together we can make a difference. With the help of like-minded individuals and organisations we can better help those suffering hardships during this time. Despite our individual mandates and missions we aim to work in unity to serve our community and help as many as we can, those in need of support during this time.  

Over the coming weeks NGO’S Together TCI will be rolling out several
initatives across the islands in order to help alleviate some of the
impact of Covid19 within our communities.  Initatives to include:

  • Public drive for food/essential items
  • Food Vouchers
  • Staple Boxes with essential items
  • Locally produced Face Mask for distribution
  • Sponsor A Family
The following NGO’s formed the joint organization in association with the Human Rights Commission

Donations can be made at any of the above organizations and together your donation will help those in need through a fair and nonjudgmental process.

To Donate, Volunteer or Advocate  contact the group on phone 649 348 9015 or 649 242 4570 or email NGOstogethertci@gmail.com


This Covid19 pandemic has really thrown a curve ball at our educational programs. Our after school tutoring classes had to be halted due to the closure of all schools in Turks and Caicos Islands. This school closure resulted in schools trying to accommodate students via virtual learning. Whilst there are some students who have full access and support for virtual learning, we are very concern about the hundreds of students that do not have access to the internet or have a device to attend virtual classes.

Hence we are launching an educational drive that would allow us to purchase devices and provide internet services to those students in need. We will also resume our tutoring program as soon as Government gives the all clear. We anticipate a full house for our summer programs as these programs will be used to help students to catch up on areas of work that was missing because of the lack of resources.



Help us to ensure that our children get the resources that they need to be successful.

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