"Yes I Can Read" Program

Reading matters – Reading proficiently by 3rd grade can be life changing. Third grade is when children make the crucial switch from learning to reading to learn.

Grade level reading skills enables children to begin mastering other important subjects like Math & Science.  Students who are not reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade are at great risk of falling behind & never fully catching up.  So we need your help to ensure that our children are reading at their full potential.

“Yes I Can Read” Reading Intervention

We have 3rd graders that are reading at kindergarten level.  Help us to eradicate this literacy challenge. By giving to our reading program, you will help us surround our young students with programs and resources needed to ensure they are reading by 3rd grade.

Our Yes I Can Read After School program will facilitate 50 students yearly at a cost of $360 per month per child for our one on one intervention with a private tutor.  This sets our program budget to $216,000 per year.  Let us join forces to combat this serious literacy issue and create Bold, Intelligent and Fearless future leaders.

"Sponsor A Child" Program

"Lit From Birth" Program