Read with Dr. Seuss

Date: 11.12.1018

Desserts with Dr. Seuss is an annual reading fair that involves the entire community. Corporate companies, Government, Schools and individuals come together to make this reading fair the most anticipated reading event of the year. At this fair there are reading booths that are manned by individuals, or employee volunteers from different businesses and the children get the opportunity to visit each booth that have reading at their age level. Once they have read for the volunteer they can then head off to the dessert stations for a treat from Dr. Seuss himself. This event is hosted to give volunteers the opportunity to see the need for assistance in the area of literacy, as they would come into contact with quite a number of non readers or children who are not reading at grade level. The will harness the vital information of those children that are struggling and will pass it along to United Way to include them in their reading programs. This event is truly motivates volunteers to continue to give of their time and hopefully soon their donations.